Power Circles





This is an ongoing program where a group of participants and a facilitator/Power Circle Leader get together weekly for a one hour session on an ongoing basis.  This program can be done in person, or online via Skype.  The participants are provided with:

  • Leadership training
  • Opportunities to connect with successful mentors worldwide
  • Opportunities to connect with youth around the world
  • A safe space for the participants to discuss any issues pertinent to them
  • Opportunities to create and implement community service projects
  • Opportunities to participate in empowerment events and showcase their talents
  • A network of support




For participants to:

  • Discover the depth of their own potential
  • Learn teamwork
  • Learn about and live according to the six principles of Leave No Girl Behind:  love, strength, courage, equality, freedom and unity
  • Become leaders in their own right
  • Learn to network with others worldwide
  • Learn to communicate in a meaningful way
  • Experience cultural diversity
  • Become responsible global citizens who contribute to their world


Take a moment to view the following videos regarding the Leave No Girl Behind International Power Circles.