Haseena Patel and Shameema Patel have created Leave No Girl Behind International out of the need for help for girls in thier community. Staring with Power Girl Circles, they brought together girls in schools, and helped them to believe in themselves, learn to trust each other, and bring about change in their schools. Having had the pleasure and honour to speak via Skype to Haseena and Shameema’s Girls’ Power Circles twice, it is remarkable to me to see the shift in the girls, as well as their openness to learn about sensitive subjects such as rape, sexual assault, and teen pregnancy.

Aime Hutton – Empowerment Leader, Inch by Inch Empowerment



Convinced that the future of our planet lies in the empowerment of girls as they grow into womanhood at all levels of society, I whole heartedly endorse the work of Leave No Girl Behind International. I’ve watched them work in the lives of individual young women as well as groups to foster courage and confidence, and they have helped the men in their (girls’) lives learn how to support them more effectively.

~ Donnal Walter, MD, PhD http://donnal.net


Leave No Girl Behind International is transforming the lives of young ladies internationally through positive works and mentorship. I have proudly helped to lead the Girls’ Power Circles in South Africa from the US and have been delighted to witness the change in these teenage students as they are guided towards their incredible goals and amazing futures.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Editor-in-Chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine, President of the Global Sisterhood, CEO of Inspiring Lives International, Best selling Author of the Common Threads Trilogy




Haseena Patel and Shameema Patel are a global inspiration in supporting and teaching girls.  As founders and directors of Leave No Girl Behind International, they have organised successful global events and it has been an honour to work with such compassionate wise individuals.

~ Vanessa Carter, Author, Radio presenter, Success expert, Holistic Therapist



I was fortunate to be influenced by these humble yet dynamic South-African women, Haseena Patel and Shameema Patel.  Quite by chance, I remember sitting through a presentation about Leave No Girl Behind International and their latest initiative Bubbles Beyond Borders. Needless to say, I was enthralled by the idea that I can do something to encourage and support girls and women. So I signed up to lead a Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign in Antigua in August 2014.  I was truly inspired Thanks to Haseena and Shameema, Bubbles Beyond Borders Antigua is now in firm partnership with the Directorate of Gender Affairs in Antigua and gives input into decisions that affect the lives of Antiguan women and girls. 14 other Bubbles Beyond Borders campaigns were launched worldwide and the network of people working to support the rights and dreams of girls and women worldwide has grown significantly over the past year and has positively impacted the lives of many.

~ Sheri Brusch, Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign leader, Antigua


Leave No Girl Behind does extremely important work, helping girls find their inner beauty and strength on their journeys to becoming amazing women. I had the opportunity to work with the two ladies behind Leave No Girl Behind, Haseena Patel and Shameema Patel at Amajuba High School in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, where I was the facilitator and a teacher at the school. Under their mentorship, the girls blossomed and became wonderful young ladies, ready to take on any challenge that came their way.

~ Karla van Zuydam, Power Circle facilitator and teacher, South Africa


Since meeting Haseena and Shameema Patel, the founders of Leave No Girl Behind International, I have developed immense respect for their heartfelt desire to change the lives of young girls and women around the globe. The organization’s six bedrock principles – Love, Strength, Courage, Unity, Freedom, and Equality – form a firm foundation for an empowering curriculum that can be integrated into any school system. Leave No Girl Behind International is a movement whose time has come.

Phyl Macomber, President of Make A Difference, Inc. & Author of T.H.E. P.A.C.T.



Haseena and Shameema’s dedication to creating an environment where every girl can find her voice is truly inspiring. Through their passion, Leave No Girl Behind has become an international movement, creating a world in which girls from all walks of life are able to access their potential and live their dreams. By fostering a nurturing environment where girls expand their world and move forward in their life empowered and free to make their own choices, Haseena and Shameema are changing the world once child at a time. I’m so grateful to them for the work they’re doing!

~ Meadow Linn, co-author of “The Mystic Cookbook”, chef, motivational speaker, coach




Leave No Girl Behind International is an inspirational organisation creating change for girls and women across the globe. Founded by two sisters with the passion, dedication and skills to empower girls, LNGB is a powerful agent for change. I am glad to have been part of the inaugural Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign.

~Sarah Miller, Early Childhood Educator, Activist, former convenor Young Women’s Group, Women’s Electoral Lobby, Founder Embodiments Dance, Shamanic Womancrafter