Leave No Girl Behind International offers unique programs for any age group and gender, based on specific curriculum to educate, inspire and empower participants and increase their knowledge base and skills, giving them a global perspective.  There are four Leave No Girl Behind programs and each one can be tailored according to the needs of the group as well as the resources available to them.

Leave No Girl Behind International programs are gender neutral and parts of the curriculum can easily be adapted to be gender specific as per requirements.  Similarly, the programs can be adapted to any cultural group globally.

To start an Leave No Girl Behind program in your school, organisation or community, email with your request and contact details.

There are four different programs that are available:

  • Power Circles
  • Leadership Program
  • Discovering ME! Program
  • Challenge Yourself Workshop

The benefits of these programs for participants include:

  • An environment conducive to finding, respecting and embracing their own internal power and voices
  • The opportunity to discover that freedom and choice come from embracing one’s morals, values and ethics regardless of outside circumstances such as peer pressure or social conformity
  • Leadership training
  • A personal self-discovery process
  • A safe space to discuss issues pertinent to their lives
  • A support structure
  • Opportunities to create and implement community service projects
  • Opportunities to connect with other girls worldwide
  • Opportunities to connect with successful mentors worldwide

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