Mother’s Day Concert NOFTA



Mother's Day_Senior Citizens concert

According to Statistics South Africa, 4.42 million people in South Africa are sixty years old or older.  It is important that the youth of today recognise the value and the wisdom of this generation, and how such wisdom can enrich their lives.  Due to the vast generation gap between senior citizens and teenagers of today, communication and understanding between them is often not easily achieved.  In honour of Mother’s Day, the girls chose to honour the strength of the women that came before them and paved the way for them.

All the Power Circle girls in Newcastle, South Africa united to bring this project together.  The organisers were the girls of Lincoln Heights Secondary School LNGBI Power Circle.  The girls held a concert for the senior citizens and bridged the generation gap through song and dance.  In turn, some of the women they performed for surprised them with songs of their own that they had written!  The girls were delighted and had a wonderful time thereafter interacting with the senior citizens, also giving them cards and chocolates as gestures of affection.

The women and the girls all came from vastly different cultural and financial backgrounds, yet through the concert, they were able to find common ground and enjoy one another’s company.  The girls also discovered that the older generation could relate to the songs and dances they performed.

What was most inspirational for the girls was to discover that these women still had dreams and were working to achieve them; that age does not need to be a barrier to progress, and that age is a state of mind.  The ladies encouraged the girls, and the girls were able to take their words to heart.