All love begins with self-love, and with this comes a sense of self-worth and respect for self. It is by coming from a place of love that one can act with compassion and one’s motives are pure.

  • Love is having respect and compassion for yourself.
  • Love is having respect and compassion for others.
  • Love is accepting every part of yourself unconditionally.
  • Love is recognising others for who they are and accepting that they are worthy too.
  • Love is finding gratitude for all your experiences and for life.
  • Love is forgiving yourself for not fulfilling your own expectations of yourself.
  • Love is giving without the expectation of receiving.
  • Loving yourself means being able to walk away when others disrespect you or put you down.
  • Love is recognising the worthiness in you so that you will not allow anyone to treat you badly.