Bubbles Beyond Borders



What is the Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign?

Bubbles Beyond Borders, a Leave No Girl Behind International initiative, is a worldwide campaign to create gender equality and to support the rights and dreams of all genders globally.  On a day in August every year, individuals, groups and organisations hold Bubbles Beyond Borders events.  People get together to blow bubbles and pledge an action to support gender equality and human rights for all genders in their communities in some way.


When did the first campaign take place?


The first campaign took place on August 16th, 2014


Why August?


August is Women’s Month in South Africa – a month that holds a deep significance for the founders who are South African, since it is in memory of the more than 20 000 courageous South African women who marched to the Union Building on August 9th, 1956 to protest against the inequality of Apartheid.  August is also the month when there are the fewest major public holidays around the world and the best weather worldwide!


What inspired the campaign?


The campaign began as our response to the 200+ Nigerian girls being kidnapped in April 2014.  It took the world two weeks to notice and react, and we were outraged.  As founders and directors of Leave No Girl Behind International, we wanted to find a way for ordinary people to use their voices and create a change; for ordinary people worldwide to be the voice of women and girls all over the world whose voices had been silenced and whose rights and dreams didn’t seem to matter. It has since evolved into a campaign to support equality and human rights for all genders.


Why “bubbles”?


Shameema thought of the name – the idea behind it is that bubbles represent hope, possibilities and a sense of limitlessness.  Bubbles are fun and attract people of all ages, everywhere.  The love of blowing bubbles transcends race, religion, nationality, age and all other barriers – it was a perfect way to represent a campaign that means so much and whose intention is to convey the message of total equality and no limits based on gender; striving to create a world of possibilities for all genders who don’t have these rights and have forgotten their dreams.

What areas has the campaign reached?


Since the campaign began in 2014, it has reached:  South Africa, Nigeria, U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Australia, Trinidad, Antigua, Curacao, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Bahrain and Pakistan.


How can I get involved?


Join a campaign in your area or start your own Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign.  You can even participate online by sending a video about why you, your business or organisation support the campaign.  Most importantly, no matter how you decide to participate, pledge an action to support all genders in your community.  Gender equality affects all of us.


What do I need to have my own Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign?


A group of people (no matter how small or large a group it is), the will to pledge an action to support gender equality in your community, and bubbles, of course!  Oh, and you may want to have your cell phone with you to capture the moment on camera or video.


What is the Bubbles Beyond Borders Pledge Challenge?


The Bubbles Beyond Borders Pledge Challenge is a personal accountability challenge to open people’s eyes to the changes that every individual can make in order to make their world a better place.  The pledge is not about being accountable to the founders or to the campaign leaders, but about making a commitment personally and honouring it – taking one small action that will in some way will help give a voice to all those whose voices have been silenced because of their genders, and help create a world with gender equality whether it is once off or on a continuous basis.


What can I pledge?


You can gift your time, your effort, knowledge, skills or make a donation to a cause like ours.


 What difference has Bubbles Beyond Borders made?


Individuals, businesses and organisations all over the world have bought school supplies for children, done babysitting for single mothers, volunteered at children’s homes and women’s shelters, started a book exchange, contributed to girls’ empowerment programs, and taken many other actions to support all genders in their communities.





From the hearts of those who know
The silent, empty pain of want.
From nothingness and faith they blow
Their bubble dreams beyond the sky.
 The magic of those bubbles fly
Beyond their deepest hearts’ desires.
May we all keep those bubbles high
Their bubble dreams beyond the sky.
 And may we join these women now
To give them faith and strength and hope
As we protect and watch dreams grow
Those bubble dreams will come to life.
                                                                 ~Haseena Patel